How To Grow Your Email List (no matter what industry)

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Welcome back to Girlboss Lesson Tuesday Session for beginner hacks and start up business inspiration today we’re talking about why growing your email list is important and how to get started doing it.

I’ve come to learn how crucial this step is if you want to sell anything online. A product or service, email lists are the secret and usually the missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle for people who create something amazing but just can’t get it moving.

Do you have a following on social media but you don’t know how to monetize it yet?

Are you thinking about blogging?

Do you have an information product or course that you’re not selling or moving yet?

Do you love the beauty, health, fitness, fashion industry with hopes to create and sell something online?

If so, you need to start building your email list now. Not later when it’s all created, I mean now. The reason why is because when people give you their email address they are giving you the opportunity to share amazing value with them. They are allowing you to build a relationship with them. This is such an incredible thing because if you can offer value and really learn how to solve their problems and give them what they really need, you get a better insight as to how you can serve them best.

First of all if you haven’t already Sign up to a third party email provider. This is a company who will help you to manage your email list and create regular campaigns or emails that you’ll send out to your list regularly to curate content and send to them.

So. . . without further ado here’s what you can do today to start growing your list and deepen your fans.


1. Leverage existing social media sites

Put it out there in your CTA’s if you love dadadadadaaa then you’ll wanna get on the list i’m sending this out this week.

2. Contact people within your market

These ideally might be people you know right now, send a text, private message and ask them if they’d like to be interested in what you’re doing. Ask them questions and get to know them. E.g. “Hey, I’ve created a video series with tips to create an online beauty boutique is this something you’d like to be a part of? If so, let me know what your email is and I’ll add you” If they say yes, cool. If not, cool.

3. Optimize your site with opt-in forms

Top banner, side banner, writing, pop-ups, welcome gates, the works. Just make it really, really obvious for readers to know what to do when they visit your website. Try to come up with something authentic to give instead of here sign up for updates. These are premium guests who should get the best of what you’ve got so go all out for them.


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